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Foreign Students Volunteer at HBUT Kindergarten
来源:    日期:2017-05-09    浏览:2次

 Recently, four international students from different countries visited the HBUT kindergarten, and spent a pleasant afternoon volunteering with them.  They were led by our teachers, and staff of the School of International Education. 


These four students are freshmen enrolled at HBUT this spring. They are currently studying with the School of International Education for Chinese learning, and will go to different majors in the fall semester.The volunteers started with a simple Chinese self-introduction, and then they presented their native cultures through pictures and videos as well as some English dialogue. At the end of the activity, the volunteers performed a vibrant African folk dance and the children responded with a cute "Happy New Year" dance.


The teachers believe that the biggest obstacle in students' communication with Chinese people is the language, while teaching language in class is limited. So the school has been organizing a variety of activities to promote the involvement of students among Chinese people. As the old saying goes, "the key to sound relations between states lies in the affinity between their people". We hope the group of foreign students can be given more chances to exchange culture and ideas.