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Prof. Michael G. Gänzle of the University Of Alberta, Canada, Gives a Lecture in Our University
来源:    日期:2017-05-19    浏览:2次

On the morning of May 9th, Michael G. Gänzle, a professor of the University of Alberta, Canada, gave a lecture entitled "Microbial Ecology of Cereal Fermentations" in Room A414 of the new Light Industry Building . Teachers and postgraduate students from the School of Biological Engineering and Food Science attended the lecture.


In the report, Professor Gänzle explained the evolutionary history of microbial flora in cereal fermented food and lactic acid bacteria in sourdough bread by bioinformatics. He also took the metabolism of lactic acid bacteria and the glutamic acid metabolic pathway as examples to analyze the effect of lactic acid bacteria metabolism on the texture and flavor of sourdough bread.


At the end of the lecture, Professor Gänzle gave a presentation about the effects of polysaccharides, starch, and protein on the quality of the bread, and the characteristics of lactic acid bacteria, with the teachers and students. All attendees thought itwas a very beneficial lecture and would inspire them in their academic research.