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Notice on International Student Scholarship Application for 2016-2017 Academic Year
来源:    日期:2017-06-19    浏览:2次

Dear international students,

In accordance with the requirement of higher authorities, HBUT shall conduct the application and assessment work of Hubei Provincial Government Scholarship for international students. Please submit your application documents to International Student Office before June 30(to Jerry or Michael). Those who fail to submit the documents before the deadline shall be regarded as giving up the right to apply.

1. Level and Amount of Scholarship

1 Postgraduates: ¥15,000 per capita/year

2 Undergraduates: ¥10,000 per capita/year

3 General Scholars: ¥5,000 per capita/ half a year; ¥10,000per capita/year

4 Senior Scholars (including visiting scholars): ¥10,000 per capita/ half a year; ¥20,000per capita/year

2. Application Requirements

1 Applicants shall obey the Chinese Law and the Regulation of HBUT, be diligent, righteous and have never broken the law or regulation.

2 Applicants shall have excellent academic performance provide relevant Chinese Language Certificate. The compulsory course grade of the year of application should be above “Good”

3 Undergraduate applicants shall possess High School Graduation Certificate;

4 Postgraduate applicants shall possess Bachelor’s Degree, be recommended by two professors or associate professors;

5 General Scholar Applicants: 1) Language Students shall possess secondary certificate,2) Degree Students shall have finished at least 2 years study.

6 Senior Scholar Applicants shall possess master’s degree or be associate professor title.

3. Application Procedure

1 Applicants shall go to International Student Office (Jerry, from 19th June to 28th June) to collect the Application Form of Hubei Provincial Government Scholarship for International Students, fill in the form and bind the documents in the following order:

a. Application Form of Hubei Provincial Government Scholarship for International Students

b. Copy of the Passport

c. Certified Highest Education Certificate

d. Certified Transcript (issued by Teaching Affairs Office)

e. Recommendation Letter and Health Certificate(Photocopy)

f. Recommendation Letter provided by no less than 2 professors or associate professors (only for postgraduates)

2 School of International Education will assess and formulate the candidates’ name list in accordance with the Implementation on the Management of HBUT Scholarship for International Student.

3 Publicity: 5-7days.

4 Submit the documents to Hubei Provincial Department of Education for review and finalization.

5 Publicize the name list of scholarship winners.

6 Award the scholarship.


                                School of International Education

                                 Hubei University of Technology

                                           June 19, 2017