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Notice of Expulsion upon Rui Nimrod
来源:    日期:2018-05-16    浏览:2次
        RUI NIMROD was born on Aug. 11th, 1994, Male, Papua New Guinean, Passport No.: E150996, Student Number: 1711562104. This student has registered as undergraduate of HBUT in Architecture. Seeing that this student has indulged in excessive drinking, stalked, harassed other students, provoked disturbances after drinking repeatedly, which has violated the regulations of HBUT and rendered a bad influence to the other students and HBUT, the school has decided to impose the sanction of expulsion upon this student.

This student is hereby asked to leave HBUT and China immediately upon the arrival of this notice. HBUT has already forwarded this decision to the Entry & Exit Bureau of Wuhan Municipality to ask for a forceful departure punishment. School of International Education will strengthen the administration upon students thus to prevent similar cases from happening.


International Student Office

Hubei University of Technology