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The 2nd "Silk Road Cup" Chinese Speech Contest
来源:    日期:2018-05-21    浏览:2次

"Share the story of you and Hanyu!"

The School of International Education at HBUT is hosting the 2nd "Silk Road Cup" Chinese Speech Contest for International Students.You are welcome to join us for this great event. Interesting stories of learning Hanyu--the Chinese language will be delivered by the international students from different countries and cultures. A new "Silk Road" founded by culture, language, knowledge and friendship is awaiting you!


Contest Registration:

All international students studying at HBUT are qualified to sign up for the contest.

Time: May 18th to May 23rd

Location: International Students Center (behind building 9)

Please come to the center and register your information here.


The First-Round Test

Time: May 29th (Tuesday) 6:30-9:30

Location: Teaching Building 5 B-609


Contest Rules

The first-round test consists of three sections.

  1. Self-introduction (in Chinese language, 1 minute)

  2. Fixed topic speech: My Story of Hanyu. The following information could be included: the reason why you wanted to learn Hanyu, your understanding of Hanyu(including the characters), the interesting or funny stories you’ve had while learning Hanyu and the application of Hanyu in your future career(how Hanyu will help you in your future career), etc.

  3. Talent show ( 2 minutes)

The total score is 100, and each section respectively accounts for30%, 60%, 10% of the total score.


The prizes will be granted as scholarship to the winners.



Frist Prize


Second Prize


Third Prize


Honorable Mentions



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