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Shopping Center
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Shopping Center

1.     Wushang Bulksale Chain Company (Hubei Provincial Academy of Agricultural Science Branch)

Address: in the neighborhood of Hubei Provincial Academy of Agricultural Science on Nanhu Avenue

Take bus No. 817 to Shucheng Road Nanhu Avenue Station

2. Wal-Mart Supercenter Wuhan South Lake Branch    

   Address: 2nd floor of South Lake Town Plaza in Beigang Village, Nanhu Street

   Take bus No.74 or No.916 to Heng’an Road Fu’an Street Station, then change to Bus No.804 to Jian’an Street Dingziqiao South Road

3. Zhongnan Business District

  Address: Zhongnan Road

  Take bus No. 587 to Zhongnan Road Zhongnan No.2 Road Station  

4. Simenkou Business District

  Take bus No 916 to Linjiang Avenue Hanyangmen Station, and walk along Minzhu Road

5. Optical Valley Business District

  Take bus No. 72 to Luxiang Station


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