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Hu Kanghong
来源:    日期:2015-07-09    浏览:5次

Hu Kanghong, expert in biological medicine, Dr. of Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, distinguished Prof. of one-hundred-talent-project

Research Field

Have long engaged in fundamental research on hepatitis virus, connection between quasi-virus RNA structure and function, tissue engineering based on 3D cell culture, stem cell therapy, regenerative medicine.

Research Projects:

1. NSFC(Natural Science Foundation of China)

2. Frontier project of CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

3. Sub-project of national major project on contagious disease

4. National major project on contagious disease in the Eleventh-Five-Year-Plan: On scene multiple, fast, high sensitive contagious disease detection technique.

5. National major project on contagious disease in the Eleventh-Five-Year-Plan: Culture model optimization of HBV infected primary hepatocyte.

He has hosted or lead many Natural Science Foundation of Germany and Collaborative EU projects, created the unique 3D cell culture system, has won special awards on hepatitis B molecular biology conferred by US Amherst, MA., and Pacific Grove, has won Innovation Award from the annual meeting of Germany Society of Cell Biology. He is an international famous expert in the 3D cell culture industry of New Jersey 3D Biotek, US. He has won the Outstanding Project Award of the 10th Hua Chuang Hui.

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