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Xia Xianmin
来源:    日期:2015-08-24    浏览:4次

Xia Xianmin

·Expert in Molecular Biology

·Obtained his Doctor’s Degree from Heidelberg University

·Distinguished professor of “Thousand Talents Plan” and “Hundred Talents Plan”


Patent (Patentee and inventor):

1. The acquisition and function of polypeptide that inhibits cell growth (Authorized (2003-7-7), 03146263.4)

2. The function of TAT-N25 polypeptide in the treatment of psoriasis (Authorized (2010-7-15), 200810047113.1, PCT/CN2009070653)

3. The construction and application of polypeptide adenovirus that inhibits cell growth (Application number: 200710052268X)

4. Fusion polypeptide and its function in the treatment of tumor abnormal cell growth (Application number: 200710051286.6, PCT/CN2008060724)

5. The acquisition and function of polypeptide blocking DNA synthesis and inhibiting cell proliferation (Authorized (2013-7-1), 201110242869.3, international patent: PCT/CN2012060724)

6. The acquisition and function of polypeptide inhibiting the signal transduction of nuclear factor-kB (Application number: 201410123289.6)


Academician and Awards:

American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)

American Endocrine Society (AES)

American Thyroid Association (ATA)

Distinguished Professor of National “Thousand Talents Plan” (2014)

Distinguished Professor of Hubei Provincial “Hundred Talents Plan” (2013)

Entrepreneurial Talent of Wuhan East Lake Developmental Zone “3551 Plan” (2012)

Top Ten Science and Technology Entrepreneurial Talent of Hubei Province (2012)

Second Prize of Science & Technology Advanced Award of Jingzhou, Hubei Province (2009, the first prize owner)


Research and Work Experience:

Apr. 1989-Oct. 1993 Doctoral candidate in German Biochemical Institute of Cancer Research, Heidelberg,Germany

Oct. 1993-June. 1995 Post-doctoral studies in W. Alton John Cell Research Center, New York, USA

July. 1995-Dec. 1998 Post-doctoral studies in School of Pharmacy, University of Maryland, Maryland,USA

Dec. 1998-Dec. 2001 Research fellow in Cancer Center, University of Maryland, Maryland,USA

Jan. 2002-Nov. 2003 Vice president of Proteintech Group, Chicago,USA

Jan. 2002-Nov. 2003 Vice president of Proteintech Group Branch inChina, Wuhan,China

Jan. 2004-Oct. 2009 Vice chairman of Jingzhou Kang Tai Biotechnology Corporation

May. 2005-Dec. 2009 Lecturer & research fellow in School of Medicine, The John Hopkins University, Maryland, USA

Apr. 2014-present Professor in Institute for Biomedical Research, Hubei University of Technology



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