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Xiao Liang
来源:    日期:2015-08-24    浏览:3次

    Professor Xiao Liang got his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, then he pursued his Master program of Software Engineering in world-famous University of Edinburgh (2002-2003) and Doctoral program of Software in Queen’s University (2003-2006). During his graduate studies, he advanced the innovative Agent Oriented Model Driven Architecture; he worked as a research fellow in University of Southampton after graduation (2006-2008), and accomplished two sixth framework programs: HealthAgents and penKnowledge. His achievements was spoken highly by European Commission, then he worked as a postdoctoral research fellow on Irish Studies in Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and Trinity College Dublin (2009-2010), and he was responsible for the 3rd research part of the program, and participated in designing and organizing the seventh framework program: TRANSFoRm as the second head.


In 2010, Prof. Xiao Liang was introduced by HBUT as Overseas High-level Talents. He has been entitled as Distinguished Professor of “Chu Tian Scholar Plan” by Hubei Provincial Department of Education, as Hubei Provincial New Century High Level Talent by Human Resource and Social Security Department of Hubei Province, as adviser expert of Advisory Committee of Informationization by Hubei Provincial Department of Health, and as the first group of cultivation objects of “Young Talents Cultivation Plan of Hubei Province” by Hubei Provincial Party Committee Organization Department.

Prof. Xiao has established the Institute of Software Engineering and Medical Cloud Computing ( and worked as director. In the past few years, being supported by China Scholarship Council, he went to University of Oxford to cooperate with Prof. John Fox and Prof. Michael Wooldridge who represents the most advance research level in the world. Then he was invited to participate the work of formulating the health informationization standards and implementation plan on the three levels of province, city, and county organized by Hubei Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission.

What’s more, Prof. Xiao has presided two National Natural Science Foundation programs and one Wuhan Chenguang Program. In aspect of research achievement, he has published 44 international academic papers, among which 7 have been cited by SCI, and 29 cited by EI. He has also been entitled as Best Paper Award by Conference Organizing Committee in top international conference such as ICSE and AI. Some of his papers which has been cited by SCI are assessed as most frequently downloaded paper by ScienceDirect.        

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