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Katsuyoshi Nishinari
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    Katsuyoshi Nishinari, Doctor Supervisor, has obtained his Doctor’s Degree in Physical Chemistry from The University of Tokyo. In 2012, Katsuyoshi Nishinari was employed as a distinguished professor (full time) in the Phillips Hydrophilic Colloid Research Center by HBUT, besides, he has also been employed as an emeritus professor by Osaka City University, and as a visiting scholar by University of Greenwich.

He has worked as a professor in Osaka City University, Chairman of Japanese Society of Rheology, Chairman of Japanese Society of Food, Science and Technology, Nihon University subcommissioner, and a member in Japanese Society of Physics, Japanese Society of Chemistry, Japanese Society of Colloid, Japanese Society of Polymer Science, Japanese Society of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, and Japanese Society of Cellulose. What’s more, he has worked as a visiting research fellow in University of Wales and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and as a senior visiting professor in Institute of Solid State Physics in Paul-Sabatier University and ESPC Key Laboratory of Thermal Physics.

With respect to academic research achievements, he has published over 300 original articles, 100 commentary articles, and 10 monographs. Earning high reputation in the international field of Biological macromolecular colloid, he has host or participated many international conferences in the area of Physical Chemistry, Rheology, and Polymer Science.


Academic Activities and Tenure

    Having Been a visiting scholar in Biological Polymer Physics Laboratory of the Institute of Physics Chemistry (Apr. 1, 1978-May. 30, 1980), Prof. Katsuyoshi Nishinari offered the Lecture “Deformation and Fluid Mechanics” to undergraduates of Mechanical Engineering and Graduates of Fluid Mechanics in Keio University (1988-1997), the Lecture “Physical Chemistry of Foods” to undergraduates in Osaka University (1997-2007). He has offered lectures on Food Rheology, Texture, Hydrophilic Colloid, Polymer in The University of Tokyo, Tokyo University of Agriculture, Hokkaido University, Osaka University, Kyoto University, Hiroshima University, Iwate University, Mie University, Gunma University, Kinki University, Nara Women's University, and Kyushu University.

In addition, he worked as adviser in Ishikawa Research Institute of Agriculture (1993-1996), Kumamoto Research Institute of Technology (1995-1997), Shizuoka Research Institute of Technology (1998), as a member of External Audit Committee of Food Science Research Center of Kyoto University (1999), a member of Evaluation Committee of the educational, cultural, physical education, science and technology department for the newly-established universities (2001-2004), as the Evaluation Committee member of JSPS Scholarship (2005-2006), the member of Japanese Society of Rheology (Vice Chairman: 2003-2005; Chairman: 2005-2007), Society of Biological Rheology (Special Advisor), Society of Food Hydrophilic Colloid (Chairman), of Japanese Society of Food, Science and Technology (Chairman), Society of Food Engineering, Society of Biological Science, Society of Biotechnology and Agriculture, Society of Chewing (Vice Chairman, 1999-2002). He also worked in Society of Polymer Material Science (a member of Polymer Gel Research Committee, 1986-2012), in the Society of Calorimetry, Society of Dietary Fiber, Society of Food Science and Nutriments (Vice Chairman).

In aspect of academic achievements, he worked as deputy editor of Food Hydrocolloids (Elsevier Press, Amsterdam, Netherlands) (1986-present), as a member of International Scientific Committee for Food (Lavoisier Abonnements-Paris, France) (1988-2000), Adviser of Colloid and Interface Series (Butterworth - Heinemann, Oxford, England) (1988-present), the editorial board member of Biorheology (International Standardization Press,Amsterdam, Netherlands) (1993-present), of Journal of Qualitative Research (Blackwell, USA) (1998-present), and of Bio-Science in the Bio Technology and Bio Chemistry Editorial Department (Japanese Society of Biology, Bio Technology, and Agricultural Chemistry, Tokyo) (2000-2003). 


Awards and Honor

Japanese Food Science and Technology Award, “Study on Hydrogels in Food Physics” (2005)

Being elected as Fellow of International Academy of Food Science and Technology (2006)

Japanese Society of Rheology 2007 Outstanding Contribution Award, “Rheological studies on biopolymers” (May, 2008)

Japanese Society of Biorheology Oka Shoten Award, “Biorheology in Food and Health” (June, 2008)

CIFST (Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology) Friendship Award Oct.2008

Food Hydrocolloids Honorary Award (June, 2010)



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