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Xie Yimin
来源:    日期:2015-08-24    浏览:4次

Xie Yimin

·Expert in Pulping and Papermaking

·Obtained his Doctor’s Degree from Nagoya University

·Distinguished professor of “Chu Tian Scholar Plan”

·Famous teacher in Hubei Province

Prof. Xie Yimin has studied Lignocellulosic Chemistry and Pulping and Papermaking Engineering for a long time, especially, he has innovative discoveries in biosynthesis, structure analysis and degradation mechanism of Lignin and Lignin Carbohydrate Complex Polymer, which makes a great influence in the world. Recently, he has published over 200 papers in top international journals such as Bioresources, Cellulose Sci. Tech., J. Wood Sci., among which more than 80 have been cited by SCI and EI. The SCI citation times exceed 600.


1. 1996 Elected as provincial academic leaders cultivation object of Guangdong Provincial Department of Higher Education “Thousand, Hundred, Ten Project”

2. 1997 Won the title of “Excellent Scientific Research Administrative Staff” of South China University of Technology

3. 1997 Obtained the Foundation of the State Education Commission of China for Excellent Young Teachers;

4. 1999 Obtained the Fok Ying-Tong Foundation;

5. 2000 Achieved the First Prize of Science & Technology Paper of Guangdong Paper Association

6. 2001 Got the Youth Science & Technology Award of China Paper Association

7. 2001 Obtained the Advanced Individual Excellence Award of Guangdong Higher Education Institutions “Thousand, Hundred, Ten Project”

8. Sept. 2002 Got the 3rd Prize of  Natural Science Award Guangdong Province

9. Nov. 2002 Achieved the First Prize of Science & Technology Paper of Guangdong Paper Association

10. July. 2003 Won the First Prize of Science & Technology Paper Guangdong Province

11. 2009 Got the 2nd Prize of Natural Science Award of Ministry of Education of China

12. 2010 Obtained the 3rd Prize of Progress in Science & Technology of Shandong Province

13. 2010 Won the title of 2010 “Famous Teacher in Hubei Province”

14. 2009 Obtained the honor of Distinguished Professor of “Chu Tian Scholar Plan”

15. 2012 Achieved the honor of “Hubei Provincial Model Worker”


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